Magni unveils fixed-boom & rotating telehandlers

01 Mar 2024

Magni has been on a roll lately, showcasing a series of updates and fresh models for its machinery lineup. Among the latest additions is the TH 7.10, a revamped version of the TH 6.10 model, unveiled following the introduction of an expanded range of fixed boom telehandlers at ConExpo 2023.

At the core of Magni's production philosophy lies a commitment to constantly enhancing its telehandler offerings. The company's recent releases feature redesigned cabs, prioritising enhanced visibility and improved accessibility. These upgraded cabins were first showcased on the TH and RTH models in 2023.

Equipped with these redesigned cabins, Magni's latest telehandler models boast several noteworthy features. Notably, the cab door now opens fully and can be locked at a 180-degree angle, with the convenience of being unlockable from ground level. Additionally, to streamline entry and exit, a second ladder has been integrated on the opposite side of the chassis.

To further simplify operator access, Magni has introduced an innovative "easy access" system. Activated with a simple push of a button on the left joystick, this system automatically aligns the cab with both front and rear ladders, facilitating seamless entry and exit.