Maharashtra govt approves Rs 8 bn investment for Nagpur Flyovers

01 Oct 2023

The Maharashtra state government has granted approval for a significant investment of nearly Rs 8 billion to build five flyovers in Nagpur, aimed at easing the city's chronic traffic congestion. Once completed, these projects are expected to improve connectivity between various congested areas in the city.

According to City MLA Krishna Khopde, the government's nod came through a Government Resolution (GR) dated October 19. Khopde stated that commuters face considerable challenges while navigating the city, necessitating traffic-easing measures. Earlier this year, a request for the construction of five flyovers was submitted to Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

Khopde further revealed that Maharashtra Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation (Maha Rail), a joint venture between the state government and the Ministry of Railways, was informed about the project by Gadkari and Fadnavis. While Maha Rail primarily focuses on railway track projects, it is also authorised to undertake Road Over Bridges (ROBs) construction in Maharashtra. A presentation on the flyovers and overbridges project was made by Maha Rail Managing Director Rajesh Jaiswal to the senior politicians in June. Subsequently, Fadnavis held a meeting in Mumbai and approved the overbridges project, set to be executed through Maha Rail.

The October 19 GR issued by the state government approves Rs 7.92 billion for the entire project, covering the construction of five bridges. The process for inviting tenders for this project is currently underway, as confirmed by Khopde.

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