MCC Proposes Rs.2 Bn Plan for MGNVY 2.0

01 Feb 2024

The Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) is gearing up to submit a ?2 billion action plan under the second phase of the Mukhyamantri Nagarothana Yojana (MGNVY 2.0). Focused on urban infrastructure and development, this proposal aims to address key areas and enhance the overall urban landscape in Mysuru.

The action plan outlines strategic initiatives to improve civic amenities, public spaces, and essential urban infrastructure. With an emphasis on urban renewal, the MCC aims to create a more livable and sustainable environment for the residents of Mysuru.

MGNVY 2.0, a crucial urban development scheme, prioritises the enhancement of urban infrastructure across cities. The ?200 crore proposal from MCC reflects a commitment to leveraging the scheme's benefits for the holistic growth and betterment of Mysuru.

The proposed plan encompasses projects that span various sectors, including transportation, waste management, and public facilities. Through this comprehensive approach, MCC aims to create a city that is not only well-connected but also equipped with modern amenities, fostering an improved quality of life for its residents.

As Mysuru endeavours to transform its urban landscape, the submission of this action plan marks a significant step in aligning with the broader goals of MGNVY 2.0 and ensuring sustainable development for the city's future.

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