Ministry Revamps Solar Bidding Guidelines for Transparency

01 Aug 2023

The Ministry of Power has introduced new guidelines for bidding on grid-connected power projects. Designed to ensure transparency and fairness, they cover bid capacity limits, power procurement procedures, and penalties for delays, aiming to bolster energy sector stability and reduce risks. This encourages long-term power transactions between states. Apraava Energy has won two projects, facilitating a 40 GW energy transmission. This was achieved through the transfer of interstate transmission projects from PFC Consulting. Consequently, energy zones in Rajasthan will expand. The Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission's approval of tariffs from bidding underscores the sector's growth. The Q2 2023 successes of Sembcorp Industries, Bloom Energy, Stem, and Daqo New Energy Corporation spotlight the energy sector's evolution. Moreover, MIT's research has unveiled an innovative supercapacitor application, promising for energy source integration.