MMRDA seeks consultant for Versova-Virar Sea Link extension

01 Nov 2023

The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has resolved to engage a consultant for the formulation of a Detailed Project Report (DPR) concerning the extension of the Versova-Virar Sea Link up to Palghar. In March, the MMRDA sanctioned the proposal for the construction of a 43km-long Versova-Virar Sea Link at a cost of Rs 634.26 billion. This project aims to establish coastal road connectivity between Nariman Point and Palghar.

An official from MMRDA stated, "The DPR will facilitate the mapping of the alignment and connectors that need to be constructed along this route." The sea link bridge is anticipated to enable commuters to bypass interior roads when traveling between South Mumbai and the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway, an area experiencing a traffic density of 1.25 lakh passenger car units (PCUs). In addition to easing congestion in the existing road network, the sea link to Palghar is expected to contribute to the growth of the tourism sector and stimulate economic activity.

MMRDA has also decided to enlist the services of a consultant to conduct a peer review of the plans devised for the construction of the Versova-Virar Sea Link. The introduction of the peer review practice by MMRDA is grounded in the belief that this approach represents "best industry practices." The review process aims to determine the appropriateness of the planned alignment, assess the potential for avoiding or minimizing obstacles such as the relief and rehabilitation of project-affected persons (PAPs), evaluate the smooth resolution of environment-related challenges, explore the availability of better alternatives, confirm the project's alignment with its intended purpose, and vet the cost estimates, among other considerations.

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