MoRTH allocates Rs 190 mn for critical infra upgrade on Nashik Road

01 Nov 2023

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has allocated Rs 190 million for the refurbishment of the 6.5-km-long Nashik Road stretch, a crucial gateway to Pune and Shirdi, connecting Dwarka Chowk to Datta Mandir Chowk.

This road has been in a dilapidated condition, prompting the National Highway Authority of India's Public Works Department (PWD-NHAI) to undertake the restoration project. Officials have disclosed that the tender has been issued to select a contractor, and the commencement of the work is scheduled for January of the upcoming year.

Officials anticipate that the tender process will take approximately one-and-a-half months, followed by another month to initiate the actual construction. Once started, the project is expected to be completed within two to three months.

Hemant Godse, the Member of Parliament from Nashik, expressed his satisfaction with the ministry's approval, stating that he had been advocating for this initiative to address the deteriorating condition of the road, which was causing traffic congestion and inconveniences for commuters.

"With MoRTH's approval, the residents of the city will soon experience relief from traffic congestion and road potholes," Godse added.

In addition to road resurfacing, the project includes the renovation of dividers and railings along the Nashik Road stretch. The trees lining the roads will also be given a fresh coat of paint.

The decision has been well-received by Nashik Road residents, who believe that it will contribute to a safer road environment and reduce the risk of accidents. Prashant Suryavanshi, a Nashik Road resident, highlighted the recent development and population growth in the surrounding areas, emphasising the importance of addressing the poor road conditions for the daily commuters, especially those traveling to industrial areas in Sinnar.

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