MP Urges BMRCL to build travelator for Seamless Metro-Rail Integration

01 Nov 2023

Bengaluru Central's Member of Parliament, PC Mohan, called upon the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) to construct a travelator for the seamless integration of the upcoming underground Metro station at Bamboo Bazaar with the proposed suburban rail station and platforms of the South Western Railway station in Cantonment. During his inspection of the ongoing construction works related to the redevelopment of Cantonment railway station, Mohan reminded BMRCL of its earlier promise to build an elevator connecting the Metro and railway stations when the Metro location was shifted from Cantonment to Bamboo Bazaar. He insisted that BMRCL fulfil this commitment and develop a comprehensive plan for the construction of the travelator.

Mohan emphasized that BMRCL's current proposal to build a 250-meter skywalk for integrating both Metro and railway stations are insufficient. He stressed that a travelator should be an integral part of the skywalk to enhance connectivity between the two stations.

In response, BMRCL's managing director, Anjum Parwez, stated that the feasibility of installing a travelator between the Metro station and suburban rail station would be carefully studied.

Additionally, the on-going Rs 4.8 billion project for redeveloping Cantonment railway station includes provisions for ample parking space. The plan includes designated parking areas for 1,000 cars and 1,000 bikes on the south and north sides of the station. The station will also be expanded with the addition of four more platforms. An official from South Western Railway mentioned that the road diversion in front of the station is in its final phase, and structural work on the station has commenced. The road widening from 13 to 24 meters will provide more space for pick-up and drop-offs.

Furthermore, Mohan urged BMRCL to establish baggage-checking facilities for passengers using the Blue Line connecting Kempegowda International Airport (KIA). He specifically mentioned that stations at Silk Board, KR Pura, and Hebbal should have these facilities in place.

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