Not an open and shut case

01 Nov 2023

The right doors and windows can add significant value to real estate. When CW asked architects and developers about their preferred materials for doors and windows, their diverse responses explained why the market is flooded with options, from UPVC and wood to steel, aluminium and glazed units. Each material has its pros and cons, making it well suited to a particular application. We profile a cross-section of the choices in vogue.

Customised UPVC offers durability with style

“Where we prioritise durability, we choose UPVC windows,” says Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues, CEO & Co-Founder, The Bennet and Bernard Company. “UPVC windows are additionally easy to shape and customise, strong and resilient, resistant to rust, warp and swell, eco-friendly and sustainable, and noise-reducing and soundproof. They are ideal for regions with low humidity, where they do not fade or discolour. For instance, we used UPVC for Casa del Leon, where we needed more arches to achieve a Georgian look, and black UPVC for Grosvenor House where we wanted to achieve a Victorian look.”
“We opted for a UPVC frame custom-fitted with Georgian bars to create French windows for a 3,500-sq-ft flat in Odyssey II in Powai, Mumbai,” says Nilesh Sawant, Principal Architect, Nilesh Sawant Architect. “UPVC is easy to maintain and highly resistant to moisture, rot and insect damage, making it ideal for long-term use without the need for frequent painting or staining. Also, UPVC French windows often come with advanced locking mechanisms and hardware, thus enhancing safety.”

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