Power generation by coal plants doubled to 143 MU in May

01 May 2022

The power generation by domestic coal-based power plants that blended imported dry fuel has more than doubled to 143 million units (MU) per day in May compared to 66 MU during the same period last year.

The Ministry of Power has taken several measures to operationalise the non-operational power plants for increased power generation in domestic coal-based (DCB) and imported coal-based (ICB) power plants.

According to data, the power generation per day in May 2022 increased compared to May 2021.

The power generation per day from coal blending in DCB plants more than doubled from 66 MU to 143 MU, and the power generation from ICB plants increased from 145 MU to 160 MU.

The total power generation capacity per day through imported coal during May 2022 increased to 303 MU compared to 211 MU in May 2021. Moreover, power generated per day from domestic coal plants had increased from 2,465 MU to 3,244 MU.

Efforts are being made, including meetings with states, generation companies (gencos) and IPPs, to track the progress of coal stocks, transportation and import of coal and increase the domestic coal supply.

The inter-ministerial discussions and reviews with stakeholders are being undertaken to remove bottlenecks in the power plants and look after other operational issues.

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