Prestige Group Reports Impressive Q2 FY24 Sales of Rs 7,092 crore

01 Oct 2023

Prestige Group, a prominent player in the Indian real estate sector, has reported robust sales worth Rs 7,092 crore in the second quarter of the fiscal year 2024. This achievement showcases the company's resilience and continued growth despite challenges in the real estate market. During this period, Prestige Group successfully navigated through the evolving market dynamics, capitalizing on its diversified portfolio of residential, commercial, and retail projects.

The impressive sales figures demonstrate strong demand for their properties, reflecting the trust of customers in the brand.

The company's commitment to innovation, quality, and timely project delivery has played a pivotal role in attracting buyers. Prestige Group's strategic locations and attractive amenities have further bolstered its appeal to homebuyers and investors.

This remarkable performance in Q2 FY24 positions Prestige Group as a frontrunner in the Indian real estate industry. It reaffirms the company's commitment to providing exceptional real estate solutions and underscores its ability to adapt to changing market conditions.

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