Progress Update: Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor (EDFC)

01 Nov 2023

The Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor (EDFC) project, aimed at enhancing logistics efficiency and reducing transportation costs, is making significant progress. Covering a distance of approximately 1,840 kilometers, the EDFC is one of the largest infrastructure projects in India.

The EDFC is designed to connect eastern ports with key production and consumption centers in the country, providing a seamless and efficient freight movement system. This dedicated corridor will significantly reduce transit time, improve cargo handling capabilities, and boost overall logistics performance.

With the goal of easing congestion on existing railway networks, the EDFC project involves building dedicated tracks for freight trains. These tracks are expected to accommodate heavier and longer trains, allowing for the efficient and timely transportation of goods. Additionally, the project includes the development of integrated logistics parks along the corridor, facilitating seamless multi-modal transportation.

In terms of progress, the initial phase of the EDFC project has been completed, covering a distance of approximately 302 kilometers from Khurja to Bhaupur. This section has been operational since December 2020, allowing freight trains to travel at higher speeds and carry heavier loads. The successful completion and operation of this phase have laid the foundation for further expansion and enhanced connectivity.

The next stage of the project involves the construction of the Bhaupur–Mughalsarai section, spanning about 402 kilometers. This section is expected to become operational in the near future, further strengthening the connectivity between eastern ports and inland production centers.

Once fully operational, the EDFC is expected to transform the logistics landscape of the eastern region. It will provide a cost-effective and time-efficient transportation solution, attracting businesses and industries to invest in the region. The corridor's seamless connectivity will also promote economic growth, boost trade, and create employment opportunities.

The Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor is a crucial infrastructure project that aligns with the government's vision of improving logistics and transportation efficiency. With ongoing progress and further developments, the EDFC promises to revolutionize the logistics and freight transportation sector in the eastern region, benefiting both businesses and consumers.

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