REC Power Distribution Company Announces 290 MW Solar Tender with Greenshoe Option

01 Nov 2023

REC Power Distribution Company Limited (RECPDCL) has revealed plans for a significant expansion in its renewable energy portfolio with the announcement of a tender for 290 MW of solar power. The tender includes a unique Greenshoe option, allowing for additional capacity beyond the initial 290 MW. This move aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainable and clean energy solutions. The tender aims to attract bids from solar developers and contributors to bolster the nation's green energy capacity. The initiative by RECPDCL signifies a strategic push towards meeting India's increasing energy demands through environmentally friendly means. The tender details, accessible through the provided link, outline the project's specifications, bidding requirements, and the inclusion of the Greenshoe option for potential scalability. Keywords associated with this development include REC Power Distribution Company, solar tender, Greenshoe option, renewable energy, sustainable development, and clean energy initiatives. Stakeholders in the solar energy sector are encouraged to explore the tender for opportunities to contribute to India's ambitious renewable energy targets.

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