River Sand Shortage Delays Chennai-Bengaluru Highway Project

01 Oct 2023

The construction of the elevated corridor on the Chennai-Bengaluru National Highway, passing through Ambur, is facing significant delays due to a severe shortage of river sand. River sand is a vital construction material, and its scarcity has disrupted the progress of this crucial infrastructure project, affecting commuters and the local economy. The project, aimed at improving connectivity and reducing traffic congestion, is now at a standstill, casting uncertainty over its completion timeline. Local authorities and construction firms are grappling with the challenge of sourcing adequate river sand to continue the work. The shortage has led to increased costs and a setback in the infrastructure development plans for the region. As the situation persists, the community and businesses are experiencing the adverse effects of this delay, and there is growing concern about the economic repercussions. Efforts to resolve the crisis and resume work are underway, with stakeholders exploring alternative materials and supply sources. However, until a sustainable solution is found, the project's progress remains uncertain, leaving commuters and residents eagerly awaiting a resolution to this sand shortage crisis.

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