RWAs encourage green initiative in residential complexes

01 May 2022

The Residential Welfare Associations (RWAs) in Hyderabad have come up with a new initiative to increase greenery in residential complexes.

The United Federation of RWAs (UFERWAs) has proposed a comprehensive action plan to encourage residents to plant saplings inside their flats.

According to RWAs, the city is losing its green cover due to various infrastructure projects. It has decided to increase greenery inside the residential complexes apart from public places.

UFERWAs said that it aims to make Hyderabad a green city, inspired by the state government’s Haritha Haram programme and has decided to encourage every family in residential complexes to plant saplings in their homes.

VBJ Chelikani Rao, President of UFERWAS, told the media that he had directed the RWAs to get plants free of cost from nurseries maintained by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and distribute them to all the flat owners.

Rao said that residents could select the plants of their choice. They can grow any plants, like ornamental or medicinal plants. The buyers can choose the plants available at the nursery.

RWAs said it has already requested flat owners to plant more saplings in their homes.

UFERWAS said it is running a huge social media campaign to encourage more residents to plant saplings in their homes and help the city become clean and green.

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