SEBI Resolves 3,500+ Complaints in October via SCORES

01 Nov 2023

In October, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) successfully addressed over 3,500 complaints through its centralised online system, SCORES, showcasing the regulatory body's commitment to efficient grievance resolution in the realm of urban infrastructure. The SEBI's strategic use of technology, particularly the SCORES platform, has played a pivotal role in streamlining the complaint resolution process, ensuring timely redressal for investors and stakeholders.

SCORES, which stands for SEBI Complaints Redress System, serves as a centralised platform for investors to lodge complaints and grievances related to securities and market activities. The resolution of more than 3,500 complaints in a single month highlights the effectiveness of this digital mechanism in handling a significant volume of concerns and disputes.

The successful resolution of these complaints underscores SEBI's dedication to maintaining transparency, accountability, and investor confidence in the financial markets. By leveraging technology, SEBI has created a robust system that enables swift and systematic grievance redressal, contributing to the overall integrity of the urban infrastructure and financial sectors.

The October figures also reflect the proactive approach of SEBI in addressing investor concerns and maintaining market integrity. As a key regulatory body, SEBI plays a crucial role in fostering trust and reliability within the financial ecosystem. The use of SCORES as a digital tool for grievance resolution not only enhances efficiency but also aligns with the broader trend of digitisation and technology adoption in regulatory frameworks to ensure a responsive and investor-friendly environment.

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