SEBI Resolves 3,700+ Complaints via SCORES in September

01 Nov 2023

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) successfully resolved more than 3,700 complaints through its online complaint redressal system, SCORES, in the month of September. This achievement demonstrates the efficiency and effectiveness of the system in addressing investor grievances.

SCORES (Sebi Complaints Redress System) is an online platform established by SEBI to facilitate the lodging and resolution of investor grievances. It provides investors with an easy and accessible channel to register their complaints related to capital market activities.

In September, SEBI received a total of 3,735 complaints through the SCORES platform. These complaints covered a wide range of issues including non-receipt of dividends, delays in share transfers, non-receipt of share certificates, and grievances against companies and intermediaries operating in the capital markets.

The diligent efforts of SEBI and its designated officials led to the resolution of all the complaints received in September. Investors received timely redressal for their grievances, enhancing their confidence in the capital market ecosystem.

SEBI has been continuously working towards improving its complaint resolution mechanism and aims to provide a seamless experience for investors. The SCORES platform has played a pivotal role in achieving this objective by streamlining the complaint handling process, significantly reducing the time taken to address complaints and ensuring transparency in the resolution process.

Investors can register their complaints on the SCORES platform by providing the necessary details and supporting documents. Once a complaint is lodged, it is assigned to the concerned intermediary or company for resolution. The system enables investors to monitor the status of their complaints online and provides alerts and notifications at various stages of the resolution process.

SEBI has actively engaged with market participants to encourage their adoption of the SCORES platform. The regulator has conducted numerous awareness programs and training sessions to familiarize investors, intermediaries, and listed companies with the platform's functionalities and benefits.

The successful resolution of over 3,700 complaints in September highlights the efficacy of SEBI's complaint redressal mechanism and the value it brings to investors. It showcases the commitment of the regulator in safeguarding investor interests and fostering trust in the Indian capital market.

With ongoing efforts to further enhance the complaint resolution process and expand the reach of SCORES, SEBI continues to establish itself as a responsible and investor-friendly regulator.

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