Separate entity for intra-state electricity transmission in Tripura

01 Jan 2023

A senior government official stated that the Tripura government has established a separate entity for the state's electricity transmission in order to reduce the aggregate technical and commercial (AT&C) losses of the power sector. State Power Secretary Brijesh Pandey disclosed that Tripura State Power Transmission Ltd (TPTL) was established this month as a power transmission subsidiary of Tripura State Electricity Corporation Limited (TSECL).

The official was a member of a delegation which recently went to New Delhi to sign a contract with NTPC for the development of projects in the northeastern state for renewable energy. “It was difficult to separate a transmission segment from TSECL. However, with the assistance of the government and various stakeholders, it was doable," the official stated.

Power generation, distribution, and transmission in Tripura were previously the domain of TSECL. He stated that AT&C's losses, which were 31.7 percent in FY2021-22, will be reduced with the assistance of a dedicated entity for power transportation within states. He stated that the objective is to reduce it to 28 per cent in FY23. For power transmission throughout Tripura, the new entity will receive power from the National Grid from OTPC, NEEPCO, and Agartala-based TSECL. Since January 14, 2023, TPTL has been operational.

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