Strawcture Eco brings an eco-conscious material into modern homes

01 May 2022

The construction industry accounts for 39 per cent of energy and process-related CO2 emissions. This quantifies to 14.16 billion tonne, which is so astounding that stakeholders have begun to take heed. There is an increasing demand for an eco-conscious approach and while organisations are choosing to build their projects to be environment-friendly, several existing brands and startups have been extending their support to India’s green building movement.

One such entrant is the Delhi-based startup Strawcture Eco. A civil engineer by education, Shriti Pandey, Founder, on her year-long residency fellowship in Pandhurna, Madhya Pradesh, witnessed stubble burning by the local farmers for two seasons – one season for straw after wheat harvesting and the second season for soybean stalk. Seeing this as an irritant that adversely impacts the environment, she set out on a journey to look for opportunities that would help convert this waste generated into an alternative resource.

Unearthing the solution

Discovering that straw can be converted into a bio-material owing to its mechanical properties that are similar to wood…

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