Top of the Class – But Use Wisely!

01 Jul 2023

Consider these advantages of glass when used in a façade. It serves as a seamless weather barrier owing to its inertness. It effectively (up to 80 per cent) allows daylight to infiltrate interior spaces and daylight is known to improve human productivity in office spaces (by enhancing visual comfort, being responsible for circadian rhythms and offering access to outdoor connectivity). It provides visual transparency to the outdoors such that indoor to outdoor visualisation becomes seamless. It has energy absorption properties that help to convert sunlight into energy. And it is recyclable and reusable, which makes it a major component in green buildings.

Mahindra Lifespace Developers has effectively implemented these techniques in its projects. Happinest Palghar and Happinest Avadi have openable windows, whereas Mahindra Eden in Bengaluru features windows strategically shaded by vertical and horizontal projections.

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