Tupperware to launch 1,000 retail stores across India in next five years

01 Sep 2021

Kitchenware brand Tupperware is planning to launch 1,000 retail stores across India for the next five years, as a part of its expansion plans. The company is also planning to increase sales through a digital platform.

Tupperware India Managing Director Deepak Chhabra recently announced the opening of the company's 100th retail store in Chennai, with the Southern zone accounting for 35% of sales.

The stores, according to Chhabra, will be run on a franchise model and will sell the brand's most popular products.

Chhabra informed that the South and West contributed 35% each to the company's revenue.

The company's business strategy was to rely on direct selling for 80% of revenue, retail stores for 12%, and eight % through online mode.

With the aggressive expansion plan, Chhabra said that the current 80% contribution from direct selling will drop to 65%, while revenue from retail stores will increase to 35% from the current 12%, and revenue from online will remain unchanged 10%.

Regarding the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak, Chhabra informed that, like any other industry, the company experienced a surge in demand for its products due to the work from home culture.

Tupperware has a large number of storage solutions as a brand, and in fact, the company's growth in 2020 was 24%, compared to 7% the previous year.

Chhabra told the media the company has a world-class manufacturing facility in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, that serves the domestic market as well as shipping to more than 35 countries.

Exports have remained consistent, even increasing in the last two years. Tupperware has done well as a result of increased demand.

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