TVS ILP unveils expansion plan for Nationwide Warehousing Network

01 Aug 2023

TVS Industrial and Logistics Parks (TVS ILP), a division of the TVS Mobility Group that specialises in infrastructure and warehousing, has revealed an ambitious plan for expansion. The company envisions establishing either a warehousing facility or a logistics park every 400 kilometres across the nation. In the initial phase of this endeavour, TVS ILP aims to augment its portfolio of facilities to 20 million square feet within the upcoming three years. This strategic expansion will be fuelled by an investment of approximately $400 million, as announced by a senior executive of the company.

Of the total investment, an approximate sum of $150-175 million is planned to be secured through various equity instruments, according to Nitin Aggarwal, the President of TVS ILP. At present, the company's roster of clients includes TVS Family companies, Alstom, Amazon, Flipkart, Ather Energy, and Agnikul. TVS ILP functions as a joint venture between TVS Supply Chain Solutions, Ravi Swaminathan and Family.

Aligned with the expansion strategy, TVS ILP is poised to extend its presence from 11 cities spanning five states to encompass around 35 cities. Nitin Aggarwal remarked, "Our existing capacity stands at around 10 million square feet, and we are committed to expanding it to 20 million square feet within the next three years. This expansion will necessitate an investment of approximately $400 million." He also indicated that the company is actively considering a range of equity instruments, including private equity investments, to facilitate these growth plans.