Women in construction: Breaking barriers, building future

01 Oct 2023

Despite these persistent challenges, women in construction have shown incredible resilience and determination. Women are not just building physical structures, but are constructing a future for the construction industry defined by inclusivity, innovation, and sustainability, says Sonali Dhopte, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Excelize Software Pvt Ltd.

For decades, the construction industry has been a symbol of masculinity, with men dominating its ranks. The image of hard-hatted men operating heavy machinery and building towering structures has long been the norm. But what happens when tradition clashes with progress?

How does an industry steeped in stereotypes adapt to a rapidly changing world where gender equality and diversity are championed?
Today in India’s construction industry we are witnessing a remarkable narrative shift. Not only are barriers being broken by women, but they are replacing them. I would like to discuss and explore what challenges are encountered by women, and the positive changes that result from women leading construction projects and often taking on crucial positions which are new.

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