XCMG launches 7th edition of apprentice programme

01 Aug 2022

XCMG, the third largest construction machinery company in the world, is beginning their seventh edition of the annual large-scale integrated Marketing Creative Event, XCMG Apprentice, called “XCMG Time Traveler”.

Through the event, XCMG aims to further enhance its globally leading position. This apprentice focused activity, themed "XCMG Time Traveler" is held to review XCMG’s journey on its 80th anniversary. The idea of the event is to host machinery talents and experts from XCMG and all around the world.

XCMG Apprentice is the key event for gathering talents around the world and bringing XCMG closer to the public. This year, the XCMG Apprentice campaign will be settled in 5 countries and regions in Asia, America, and Europe and form 5 teams, representing different aspects of XCMG characters: Team Globe, China; Team Southeast Asia, Thailand; Team South Asia, Cheyyar, India; Team Europe - Krefeld; and Team South America, Brazil.

The event taking place in India will be held at the XCMM India and Schwing Stetter India, Cheyyar facility in Tamil Nadu. Through the XCMG Time Traveler, the company will allow peers all over the world to connect, use their skills and passion to get practical hands-on experience at XCMG with fellow machinery enthusiasts and professionals; and to seize the opportunity to jointly pursue scientific and technological development, and open a new chapter for the 80th anniversary.

XCMG strongly believes in their global 3G-1S which is great efficiency, great quality, great profitability while ensuring sustainability at every stage and every action.

Speaking at the event, Tu Hui, Managing Director, XCMG India, said, “We believe that by conducting more such events and encouraging the right employee culture, our employees across the world can come together, and we can nurture the right talent that would lead to transforming young minds into future leaders and eventually be a step towards a success in India. With such togetherness and spirit, we think that employees across different locations would feel more united and continue to work towards building our products and serving our customers.”

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