Azure interiors unveils luxurious interiors of retail outlet

01 Aug 2021 Long Read

Design and layout 

The thoughtful design plan for the Rathi Buildmart, a showroom for state-of-the-art building materials and finishes paves the way for the many creative ways in which the materials sold by the store can be used. Thus, the design ideology for the showroom lobby is derived through its own unique selling point.

The designers have suggested a clever indoor-outdoor connectivity through a green wall backdrop. Clean lines, contemporary and modern accent pieces create a sophisticated space.

Materials and their application

As one steps into the store, they are treated to the stunning interiors and product applications before purchasing it.

The micro-cement flooring sets a neutral backdrop for a play of imaginative design features. The flooring is durable and offers high resistance to wear and tear by heavy traffic or sunlight. It is water-proof and slip resistant, and the thickness of the flooring does not affect the structural load.

The veneer wall paneling creates a warm environment and offers a sobering contrast to the striking and vibrantly patterned mosaic tile wall composition opposite the lobby table. It is without doubt the most enchanting design elements of the store.

The lobby tabletop is in terrazzo, with a marble backdrop highlighted with metal accents. The metal and fluted glass door makes a statement of its own. The high ceiling enhances the grandeur of the whole space.

Soft furnishings, upholstery and furniture 

Modern upholstered furniture and furnishings with simple case goods add a refined sensibility. Light and warm shades of beige and brown with colour pops bring a balanced aesthetic to the design. Quirky modern furniture design and comfortable setups characterize this space with appeal and also give an idea to the buyers about the application of the materials.

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