I am sure that ´achhe din´ will come soon

January 2015
- Prem Raj, Managing Director, KYB-Conmat

KYB-Conmat´s Construction Equipment product range includes automatic concrete batching and mixing plants, transit mixers, concrete pumps and concrete paving machines for canals and roads - all designed and manufactured in accordance with advanced international standards. Prem Raj, Managing Director, KYB-Conmat, chats with SHRIYAL SETHUMADHAVAN.

Please introduce us to your recently launched products.
We launched two new pieces of equipment: a mobile concrete batching plant and PTO-driven transit mixture. The batching plant can be towed away with a tractor. It is user-friendly and creates a new niche in the market.

How do you see the current market scenario?
There has been a decline in overall equipment requirement in the past two years. But with the government´s project announcements - particularly 100 new smart cities, river linking projects and building of toilets - the working environment will be enhanced and people will start investing again.

Do you manufacture all your equipment in India?
We have a state-of-the-art factory in Baroda. With Japanese investment, we have set up another big plant recently, which has increased our capacity threefold. Now, we have around 300 per cent of our original building capacity.

Do you provide any training for operators?
We have an in-house programme and facility to train operators and our service engineers. We invite customers, operators and dealers to get acquainted with the technology and machines we use.

With several infrastructure projects being announced, what are your expectations in 2015?
If we continue having faith in our government and ourselves, I am sure that ´achhe din´ will come soon. The ball has already started rolling and with the announcement of new projects, the sentiments of the people will boost and investment environment will improve. We have tripled our capacity and are ready to take that business growth.