Eighty-one per cent of BG network electrified

01 Nov 2022

Indian Railways has started an ambitious project to electrify the entirety of its broad gauge network, which will not only improve fuel efficiency but also increase throughput while lowering fuel costs and conserving precious foreign money. Indian Railways attained 851 Route Kilometres (RKMs) during FY23 till September 2022 as opposed to 562 RKMs during the equivalent period of FY22, which is 51.4 per cent higher. 6,500 RKM needs to be electrified throughout this fiscal year. In 2021-2022 Indian Railways accomplished record electrification of 6,366 RKMs. Prior to this, the highest electrification occurred in 2020-2021 at 6,015 RKM.

Contact: Indian Railways
Website: www.indianrail.gov.in

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