How elevators for tall buildings can be improved

01 Aug 2022

Manish Mehan, Managing Director and CEO, TK Elevators India elaborates on the technical improvements required for elevators in high rises.

India, the second most populated country globally, is presently witnessing a scarcity of land. Continuous migration to metropolitans, insufficient space, and dense cities have resulted in congestion, making high-rises a necessity and a practical way to meet the growing needs of expanding cities. With this rising demand, there has been an equal need for advances in the elevator industry for feasible and hassle-free circulation.

However, despite its rapid development, there are also challenges faced frequently. Here they are with technical improvements for the same.

The major impediment in the high-rise elevator segment is that despite being a fastest growing segment, it isn't the most high-tech. The number of high-rises built is relatively small in India, and the elevators they are supplied with generally have low speeds and less sophisticated control systems.

Even though newer societies may install modern lifts, maintenance is lacking. They also change their leadership yearly, which creates continuity problems.

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