IL&FS group reduces ITPCL's debt by Rs 21.5 billion

01 Oct 2023

IL&FS Group has successfully repaid Rs 21.5 billion to senior secured lenders of IL&FS Tamil Nadu Power Company (ITPCL), including major banks like Punjab National Bank, Bank of India, and Union Bank. This payment encompasses both the principal debt and accrued interest up to September 30.

This repayment is a pivotal part of a debt restructuring plan that received approval from 88% of lenders. The initiative significantly slashed ITPCL's outstanding principal by over Rs 19 billion. As per the sanctioned plan, ITPCL's debt underwent restructuring based on the prudential framework for resolving stressed assets. The debt was categorised into a sustainable portion of Rs 42.5 billion and an unsustainable portion, including operational creditors.

These strategic moves are geared towards securing the long-term viability of the company. Prior to this repayment, ITPCL's total debt amounted to Rs 91.16 billion.

The recent repayment of sustainable debt, totalling Rs 21.5 billion, consisted of Rs 19billion in principal and Rs 2.5 billion in interests. IL&FS adheres to a revised distribution framework approved by the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT) in May 2022. This framework allows for interim disbursement of funds to eligible creditors, especially public funds, without waiting for the final resolution of the concerned IL&FS entity.

Additionally, IL&FS is in the advanced stages of obtaining approvals from a select group of lenders for the disbursement of an additional Rs 3 billion. The IL&FS board maintains its resolution estimate at Rs 610 billion, representing 62% of the total debt, encompassing both fund-based and non-fund-based components, which amounted to over Rs 990 billion as of October 2018.

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