MoF's IFS launches PPP Toolkit in New Delhi Workshop

01 Nov 2023

The Infrastructure Finance Secretariat (IFS) within the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA), Ministry of Finance (MoF), orchestrated a two-day hybrid workshop on November 16-17, 2023, in New Delhi. The primary aim was to sensitise Project Sponsoring Authorities (PSAs) in the roads and highways sector on structuring Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects using a web-based toolkit.

With over 70 representatives from both the Centre and State/Union Territory Governments in attendance, the workshop addressed the challenges inherent in PPP projects. The IFS has proactively developed PPP Structuring Toolkits, encompassing web-based tools to aid Project Sponsoring Authorities in assessing project viability for the PPP mode.

This inaugural workshop, marking the commencement of a series for disseminating the toolkits, was inaugurated by Ajay Seth, Secretary of DEA, MoF Secretary Seth underscored the significance of infrastructure and the imperative to establish a portfolio of viable projects to propel India towards higher growth. He urged PSAs to identify opportunities for transitioning from Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) mode to PPP mode in infrastructure delivery.

Antony Cyriac, Adviser, DEA, highlighted the contribution of infrastructure development to GDP growth. Meanwhile, Preeti Jain, Director, DEA, stressed the importance of appropriately structuring PPP projects given their inherent complexities.

The workshop provided participants with a comprehensive understanding of the toolkit's overview and objectives through practical case studies. It delved into the intricacies of the toolkit's five integral tools:

1. Suitability Filter 2. Family Indicator Tool 3. Mode Validation Tool 4. Financial Viability Indicator 5. Value for Money Indicator tool

Additionally, the Contingent Liability Toolkit, offering a hands-on approach for PSAs to estimate potential payouts due to various contingencies, was showcased and discussed during the workshop.

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