NMC signs pact to execute C&D waste recycling project

01 Mar 2022

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has signed an agreement with Hyderabad-based Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited to execute the project for construction and demolition (C&D) waste recycling.

According to the plan, every day, 15-200 metric tonne (mt) C&D waste would be collected and reused, which would keep the city clean while converting the waste into wealth.

Shweta Banerjee, NMC executive engineer, and representatives of Ramky Enviro signed the agreement in the presence of municipal commissioner Radhakrishnan B.

NMC has set a deadline of 6-12 months for the operator to build the recycling plant and a processing capacity of 150 mt C&D waste.

The operator would also develop infrastructure for the collection of 150 mt to 200 mt waste from all over the city daily and transport it to the recycling plant in the Bhandewadi dumping yard. The civic body has allotted five-acre land to the operator at the dumping yard.

If 150 mt to 200 mt of C&D garbage is collected from all parts of the city daily, the problem of debris on the roadsides, open spaces, residential neighbourhoods, and other areas would be resolved, which would make the city cleaner and smarter while also reducing pollution.

The operator would also introduce a helpline number on which citizens can call and inform about the removal of the C&D waste.

The operator will also the have right to recover expenses from bulk C&D producers like builders.

It plans to manufacture sand, paver blocks, sculptures, road-divider material, bricks, gravel, and other similar materials to recoup the investment, along with operating and maintenance costs.

The civic body would pay Rs 414 per mt to the operator, and NMC would have to endure nearly Rs 20 lakh every month.

Before the appointment of two garbage operators in November 2019, Kanak Resources Management Limited was permitted to collect and transport C&D waste to the Bhandewadi dumping yard. The agency used to transport nearly 50 mt to 60 mt every day and charge Rs 1,436 per mt, besides the processing. Although, recycling was not taking place.

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