Printing a Post Office!

01 Jul 2023

India’s first 3D-printed post office building was constructed in Cambridge Layout, Halasuru, Bengaluru, by L&T Construction, B&F Fast. To learn more, CW’s R SRINIVASAN spoke to Rajkumar Murali, Chief Architect, B&F Fast, L&T Construction. He said, “The post office building was constructed using a 180-mm solid wall design, adhering to the approved structural design and in compliance with Indian codes. The wall thickness was divided into three parts: an external wall portion of 60 mm, an inside wall portion of 60 mm, and a void of 60 mm in between. During the 3D printing process, horizontal reinforcement was seamlessly integrated into the structure using 5-mm weld mesh. This reinforcement was strategically placed within the walls as the printing progressed. Once the 3D printing reached the full height, vertical reinforcement bars were inserted through the central void created earlier. Subsequently, the entire void space was filled with 3D printable concrete, ensuring a robust and reinforced structure.”

He added, “By adopting this methodology, we successfully integrated both vertical reinforcement bars and horizontal distributors into the 3D printing process. The usage of welded mesh for horizontal reinforcement and the insertion of vertical reinforcement bars complied with the requirements of the structural design and Indian codes, guaranteeing a reliable and durable post office building.”

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