Thiruvananthapuram set to issue final property tax notification

01 Sep 2023

The Thiruvananthapuram civic body has reported that only one complaint has been received regarding the revised tax rates, and this complaint comes from one of the 4.8 lakh property taxpayers in the city.

It was disclosed that the corporation council had given their approval to the draft of the new tax rates and slabs in the city during a council meeting held on August 5. Subsequently, complaints and grievances began to be received by the civic body starting from August 6.

The deadline for submitting complaints was August 23. During this timeframe, an email was received containing a general concern about the increase in tax rates.

As there were no specific complaints received concerning tax slabs and the proposed rates, the finance standing committee is planning to recommend the new tax rates for the final approval of the council meeting. It is expected that the agenda for this recommendation will be presented in the upcoming council meeting. Additionally, the proposed new slabs for tax assessment for convention centres and hospital buildings will be forwarded to the state government.

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