Web platform 'One Touch Mangaluru' implemented in the city

01 Aug 2022

The Mangaluru Smart City's Integrated Command Control Centre (ICCC), the brain of the city, enables the administration to make strategic decisions on transportation, surveillance, solid waste management, disaster management, and many other aspects of city operations using real-time data analysis. Citizens can access all government services using the web and mobile-enabled master platform One Touch Mangaluru.

Intelligent Transport Management System, Solid Waste Management System, Unified Messaging System, Public Information System, and Disaster Management & Emergency Response are a few of the primary uses of ICCC. The ICCC gathers, integrates, and processes real-time data from various types of sensors using a variety of layers and components.

In Karnataka, Mangaluru is at the forefront of ICCC implementation. It has also been the first city in Karnataka to introduce a solid waste management system based on QR codes, in which every home is given a unique QR code. After collecting the debris, the collection team can scan the code. Using a mobile device, they can additionally enter other information such as the status of entry to a house (whether it was open or closed). Data, maps, and reports provided at the ICCC can be used to track, monitor, and control the entire process. 90 000 homes in the city are now covered with Smart Solid Waste Management.

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