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  Fast-track courts help the cause of infra cases
India's ease of business ranking improved over four yrs

  Realtor-to-owner loan is operational debt: Tribunal
NCLT held that real estate advance to landlords qualifies as “operational debt” under IBC

  Karnataka to get 13 new highways worth Rs 21k cr
Nitin Gadkari announced 13 new highway projects for Karnataka at a foundation laying event

  Safety and security systems: A futuristic makeover
Office reopening guidelines have spurred evolution in the security space

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Pratap Padode / Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Why public spending is the cure for the pandemic
Last year in December 2019, we were dangerously treading close to the lows in GDP, and the project pipeline continued its downward spiral with only a quarter of projects completed at Rs.764 billion as against a target of Rs.4 trillion worth of completions scheduled for the quarter ended March 2020.


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