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  Agartala-Akhaura Railway Link Opens
The Agartala-Akhaura railway link, a significant project under the Maitri Setu initiative, is set to become operational soon, according to the Chief Minister of Tripura. This cross-border rail connection aims to enhance connectivity between India and..

  More Foreign Flights for Goa
Experts stress the need for international air service agreements to attract more foreign flights to Goa, enhancing the region's connectivity and tourism. Goa, a popular tourist destination, requires expanded international flight options to meet the g..

  Thomas Cook India Highlights High Airfares
In a recent statement, Thomas Cook India's Chairman, Madhavan Menon, sheds light on the persistent challenge of high airfares gripping the aviation industry. As travel demand gradually rebounds post-pandemic, the issue of exorbitant airfares has emer..

  Mumbai Airport Welcomes 4.36 Million Passengers
Mumbai Airport, one of India's busiest aviation hubs, experienced a notable surge in passenger traffic in April 2024. According to recent reports, the airport handled an impressive 4.36 million passengers during the month, reflecting a substantial in..

  Ahmedabad Airport Expansion
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad is undergoing significant upgrades to enhance its capacity and improve passenger experience. The airport is introducing new aircraft stands and modernising existing facilities to handle the ..

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  • Metro Rail Conference 28th February 2024, Mumbai
  • 14th RAHSTA EXPO 2024, 9th - 10th October 2024, Mumbai
  • 14th India Roads Conference, 9th - 10th October 2024, Mumbai
  • 12th Equipment India Awards, 9th - 10th October 2024, Mumbai
  • 22nd Construction World Global Awards, 9th - 10th October 2024, Mumbai