Prabhakar Singh, Director-General, ,Central Public Works Department

Prabhakar Singh/
Director-General, Central Public Works Department

July 2019

Our current order book, including works in the pipeline, is worth Rs 1,300 billion

Ambar Maheshwari, CEO-Private Equity, ,Indiabulls Asset Management Company

Ambar Maheshwari/
CEO-Private Equity, Indiabulls Asset Management Company

July 2019

We strategised to come up with a fund that would invest in properties in the Rs 2-5 billion range

Todd Jarvis, Global Marketing Director,, Shaw Contract

Todd Jarvis/
Global Marketing Director, Shaw Contract

July 2019

Office spaces will generate need for premium flooring like carpet tiles and LVT

Sriram Mahadevan, Managing Director, ,Joyville Shapoorji Housing,

Sriram Mahadevan/
Managing Director, Joyville Shapoorji Housing

July 2019

Infrastructure should precede residential development and not the other way round.

Vilas K Birari, Chairman & Managing Director, ,Harsh Constructions,

Vilas K Birari/
Chairman & Managing Director, Harsh Constructions

July 2019

I strongly recommend modification in the qualification criteria

Rahul Shah, Executive Director, ,COO-Urban Infrastructure,

Rahul Shah/
Executive Director, COO-Urban Infrastructure

July 2019

Disbursals of financing to contractors needs to be done in a timely manner

Dr Ir PV Chandramohan, Sr President (Technical), ,Navayuga Engineering Company

Dr Ir PV Chandramohan/
Sr President (Technical), Navayuga Engineering Company

July 2019

Promote more ports and terminals on BOT basis

Rahul Shah, COO-Urban Infrastructure, ,Tata Projects

Rahul Shah/
COO-Urban Infrastructure, Tata Projects

July 2019

The decision-making process and awarding of railway contracts need to be faster

R Srinivasan, L&T Smart World and Communication (SWC),EVP and Head,

R Srinivasan/
L&T Smart World and Communication (SWC), EVP and Head

July 2019

Better Centre-state coordination and adequate and timely funding will be required for smart cities

Yogesh Kumar Jain, Managing Director, ,PNC Infratech

Yogesh Kumar Jain/
Managing Director, PNC Infratech

July 2019

Dedicated land acquisition cells should be formed for roads at the project level

T Chitty Babu,Akshaya, Chairman and CEO,

T Chitty Babu/
Akshaya, Chairman and CEO

July 2019

Mandating certifications and ratings can certainly ensure construction quality

Prasan Shah, Founder and CEO,, Stone Plus,

Prasan Shah/
Founder and CEO, Stone Plus

July 2019

At Stone Plus, we bring the world of natural stone to your doorstep