Google to provide unique identity code for Ahmedabad properties

01 Jun 2022

Google will now provide a unique identity code for every property within the city - residential, commercial, special buildings, and chawls listed within Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) limits.

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is in the advanced stage of signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Google. It will help geotag every property in the city, such that a simple unique alphanumeric digital id will designate these properties to create a Unique Address System (UAS) - like Google's Plus codes.

Once the UAS code is fed into Google Maps, it will allow individuals' door-step delivery of food and consignments, receive mail packages, call ambulances and cabs, or even enable people to reach your address safely. These unique ids will be new smart addresses for Amdavadis'.

Sources in the AMC said that the municipal corporation had approached Google six months ago with the suggestion to map city properties. Discussions are on for the last six months in which critical problems like those linked to data privacy are being addressed. AMC has demanded that an MoU can be inked only if Google's India office is involved in the contract and not its California-based headquarter.

Now, Google has a few Indian cities like Kolkata and Pune mapped with its Plus Code addresses.

There are over 20 lakh properties of which, almost 15 lakh are officially registered with the civic body for property tax. The property's unique addresses are based on 20 alphanumeric characters set. They will not include vowels and will not be case-sensitive. The AMC may involve Google to allocate codes for properties in a respective ward on a pilot basis.

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