Bhubaneswar to streamline waste management

01 May 2023

The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has decided to create a network of 300,000 waste generation points (WGPs) under its ‘Safa Bhubaneswar’ application. This is in an effort to streamline door-to-door waste lifting and management facilities in the city.

So far, 120,000 WGPs have been identified and QR codes have been fixed at these points. A survey to identify the remaining 180,000 WGPs will be launched soon.

Deputy commissioner for sanitation Manoranjan Sahu said that WGPs are residential or commercial properties where waste is generated on a daily basis. The survey is being carried out to ensure that households or businesses in these areas have access to support from the civic body for the appropriate management of waste in case the garbage collection vehicle fails to reach them on time or they fail to hand over the trash to them on a particular day.

The main objective of this exercise is to prevent citizens from dumping waste randomly outside their homes or on unused land in the absence of alternatives. Under this survey, BMC is trying to determine how many households there are in a WGP and the amount of waste generated from these points. QR codes are also being provided at each WGP to ensure smooth delivery of the service.

As the survey is time-consuming, BMC authorities have decided to rope in an expert agency to carry out the task for the remaining 180,000 WGPs as soon as possible. The bidding process for engaging an agency has already been initiated and will be finalised soon.

On the other hand, BMC officials are also working to address the issues related to technical glitches in the application and improve the grievance redressal and service delivery mechanism. Around 400 vehicles have been tagged for service under the application for lifting waste, including bulk waste from parties and events.

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