Nagpur civic body asked to handover station road project to Maha Metro

01 Jul 2021

Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari has asked the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) to hand over planning, expansion and beautification work of the proposed road in front of the Nagpur railway station to Maha Metro.

Gadkari told the media in a review meeting concerning several projects that currently, there’s no space for expansion. The existing flyover, more space is required for the project’s development and that the NMC needs to rehabilitate shopkeepers under the flyover in front of Tekdi Ganesh Temple and provide them money or land in exchange. The corporation has signed a 30-year lease agreement with them, of which ten years have already passed, said Gadkari.

NMC commissioner Radhakrishnan B, NIT chairman Manojkumar Suryavanshi, collector Ravindra Thakre, Mahametro’s Brajesh Dixit and officials from various departments attended the meeting. Some officials proposed that a memorandum of understanding must be made between the railways, NMC and PWD for the project.

Gadkari also checked the Futala beautification project, where a four-storey building and a parking plaza would be built along with a colourful fountain. Maha Metro was requested to pay for the land charges to the NIT. Gadkari led the PWD to take possession of the 14,250 sq ft PDKV land where it was suggested to erect fencing while discussing another project of an agro convention centre at Dhaba.

Gadkari was informed that out of 68 residential and commercial properties, 58 had been acquired, while the rest were mired in court proceedings during a review of the Kelibagh Road expansion.

Gadkari requested the collector to start land acquisition by clearing dues of landowners. He was informed by the administration that the process would take about three months to complete.

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