GMDA plans to provide temporary water supply to builders

01 May 2022

The Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) has planned to provide temporary water connections to the builders to accelerate the use of recycled water at the construction sites.

The builders intend to use recycled water at the sites to hire tankers and fill from the several hydrants linked to treated wastewater pipelines in the city.

Officials said that these water connections could boost the use of 323 million litres per day (MLD) of recycled water across the city.

Currently, only 50% of 170 MLD of water is being utilised, even as GMDA is planning to increase the utilisation of recycled water to 78% in the coming months through various projects.

CEO of the core planning cell (CPC) of GMDA, Sudhir Rajpal, directed the officials to examine the feasibility of the temporary water connections at the construction sites.

According to an official, the initiative is to provide builders with a temporary water connection and eliminate the need for water tankers. If the process is feasible, builders can decide on taking temporary water connections or using tankers to transport water.

The industries that use over 1,000 kilolitres of water every day are mandated to use recycled water for their activities.

GMDA is currently focusing on increasing the use of recycled water. In 2021, the Chairperson of the Haryana Water Resources Authority directed the industries and infrastructure units to use recycled water in their processes and would take action for the violation of rules.

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