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01 May 2022

The space we reside in impacts us in more ways than one. It affects our physical and mental well-being and sets the stage for most of our everyday activities. It also has an effect on the environment in how the elements are manufactured and sourced. In this age of social media, the appeal of aesthetic, ‘instagrammable’ spaces has been on a high.

Product selection

Every element making up the decor, its design, material and texture, is decidedly chosen by the designer depending upon a variety of factors that collectively make up the context of the space. “Everything depends on the design concept for the project,” says Meenu Agarwal, Founder and Interior Designer, MADS Creations. “It is a result of our vision for the project after many rounds of discussions with the client.”

“The product has to go with the ethos of the project we have created,” agrees Pooja Bihani, Principal Architect and Founder, Spaces & Design. Durability, workability, availability and budget play a part too.

Additionally, products should offer good value for money. “The simplest things are the best,” says Amit Aurora, Partner, groupDCA. And when it comes to incorporating value addition, he gives an example…

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