Elegant bedrooms by Azure Interiors

01 May 2021 Long Read

The designer duo behind Azure, Rashi Bothra and Ruchi Gehani, combines contemporary aesthetics with modern comfort to create delightful and restful spaces.

By deftly mixing diverse materials, textures and colours, the designers create harmonious spaces that are a picture of calm and comfort. A perfect interplay of disparate surface materials takes your eyes from one spot to the other. Carefully mounted panelings, sumptuous furnishings and soft mood lighting result in luxurious bedrooms.

Armani brown elegant bedroom 

Extensively panelled walls create a warm and cosy suite room with a lounge. The Armani brown marble flooring, the marble on the bed back wall, along white oak veneer in a fluted pattern add a natural vibe. The adjacent walls are cladded with suede fabric with metal strip details. An extra layer of panelling at the bottom using white PU, highlighted with diffused lighting, breaks the monotony.

The bed, headboard and side tables are finished in veneer and leather, while the chaise also features a leather finish. The bedside tables are fitted with light fixtures to allow personal reading time with ease.

Glamourous bedroom 

This glamorous bedroom brims with bold and vibrant design elements. The dark theme with Black Portoro marble flooring and brown walnut veneer walls highlighted with brushed brass metal strips is accentuated by a jazzy feature bed back wall consisting of mirrors with teal profile and matt black finish.

The mirror-finished side tables add a further gleam to the setting. The bed with a wing headboard and ottoman is finished in velvet upholstery. The abstract carpet is customised to perfectly complement the colours. And the pendant lights from Sans Souci add a stunning accent feature.

Classy bedroom 

A masterful fusion of surface details creates a luxurious, yet elegant bedroom for those with a liking for subtle colours and monotones.

The bed back wall features a combination of embossed and plain fabric cladding with metal detailing. Veneer panelling in angular form camouflages the dressing door while adding a dynamic detail.

With a large window allowing ample sunlight in, this bedroom with a cosy seating area is a comfortable haven for those residing in this peaceful classy setting.

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