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New Rs 1,300 crore system to fix Maharashtra’s potholes

August 2017
Aiming to fix the continual problem of potholes on the roads of Maharashtra, the state government has decided to replace the old system of reactive pothole repairs in favour of awarding annual maintenance contracts for the state roads.

The public works department has reportedly floated tenders for two year contracts that would each cover 10 km of roads. The estimated expenditure of this exercise would be Rs 1,300 crore and the contracts are expected to bring in savings on the recurring pothole restoration.

The government has also mandated the use of mechanised methods for refurbishing the pothole. To ensure accountability, contractors will have to compulsorily send in real time photos of the repair work. Since contracts are not for individual patches but for stretches of road under the new system, the contractor’s work can also be monitored efficiently.

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