Building Material Prices

Wood (Unit: 1 cu ft; Price in Rs)

Wood (Unit: 1 cu ft; Price in Rs)
Sal Wood103724441560651533-13912437533778-2539
Silver Wood9041923439-120416814376221296682
Sagwan Wood16771826-463225241024-41440262928731895
Pine Wood1015594824715NA1401570-1140554
Plywood (Unit: 1 sq ft; Price in Rs)
4 mm4057544841334148
6 mm4659555446465159
12 mm5563666075685969
18 mm68111907894866973
4 mm4440505866576054
6 mm6059698874706162
12 mm7566107711061127884
18 mm1008810111510212410698
MDF (Unit: 1 sq ft; Price in Rs)
6 mm4928433963356344
9 mm4128515581386641
12 mm4641626184418953
18 mm60517665101608361

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