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PM Modi announces spending of Rs 25 trillion for developing rural infrastructure

October 2019
In a bid to promote rural infrastructure development, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reportedly stated that Rs 25 trillion will be spent on all villages spread across the country to strengthen their infrastructure. 

As reported, the Prime Minister, during a rally in Sakoli announced that the rural economy was being given special attention and that crucial works had already begun – construction of roads, developing contemporary storage facilities for crops, amongst other ongoing ramp-ups. He put emphasis on meeting the needs of the framers by pointing out that most projects were being implemented on their account. 

Additionally, the government is also putting aside Rs 3.5 trillion which will be used for water conservation purposes. This move is reportedly set to provide fresh and pure water for cattle as well as the villagers and will also aid in generating jobs. 

Another important area that remains to be tapped and was promoted by the Centre was tourism. While addressing the people, Modi directed them to utilise the space to develop hotels and other faculties to make the area more tourist-friendly. 

The rally was part of the upcoming State Assembly Polls in Maharashtra that will take place on October 21. 

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