Smart cities: Designed for growth

June 25 will be remembered as a red-letter day in the history of urban India as three mission programmes with a huge spend were launched, all backed by India’s dynamic Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Smart Cities, AMRUT and ‘Housing for All’. The depth of these programmes can be gauged from the detailing in the guidelines […]

Bure din gaye

On the completion of his first year in office, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached out to all citizens and presented his case. The media extensively assessed the Government´s performance too. Generally, the verdict was that ´not enough has been done´ – yet everyone recognised that the fruits for such labour take a while to ripen. […]

Radical solution to land acquisition bill impasse

Introduction India has a total land area of 32,87,590 sq km, which is 2.4 per cent of the world’s surface area, making it the seventh largest country in the world. Forty-six per cent of the land is under agriculture and 50 per cent is inhospitable; 2 per cent of the land is urban and 1 […]