South Asia’s Largest Construction Equipment Exhibition in Bengaluru

South Asia’s Largest Construction Equipment Exhibition in Bengaluru

An update by industry heads on the vast opportunities offered by the forthcoming expo and how they intend to showcase their products to leverage it to their advantage. South Asia's largest construction equipment exhibition, EXCON 2023, is gearing up for a spectacular showcase of cut...

An update by industry heads on the vast opportunities offered by the forthcoming expo and how they intend to showcase their products to leverage it to their advantage. South Asia's largest construction equipment exhibition, EXCON 2023, is gearing up for a spectacular showcase of cutting-edge technology, innovation and international collaboration. Organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), the event is to take place from December 12 to 16 at the Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre, Bengaluru. With a sprawling 30 lakh square feet of exhibition space, the event is poised to welcome over 1,200 exhibitors from India and around the world. Participating countries include the USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, UAE, South Korea, Singapore, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Romania and the Czech Republic. This grand event is expected to draw more than 80,000 business visitors from various corners of the globe. The Government of Karnataka has taken the role of the Host State for EXCON 2023, highlighting the state's commitment to fostering technological advancements and economic development in the construction and engineering sector. The event is set to offer an array of exciting features, including a dedicated focus on alternate fuels, an AI-pavillion, initiatives promoting AtmaNirbhar Bharat, a spotlight on skills development and encouraging women's participation in operating construction equipment and machinery. The event will also host conferences on topics like defence, Green Construction, etc, emphasising upon sustainability, AI & IoT integration and automation in the construction engineering sector. A plethora of renowned industry juggernauts will be participating, further enhancing the exhibition's appeal. Key industry players such as JCB, BKT, Caterpillar, Imperial Auto, Jindal Steel & Power, Gulf Oil, Kobelco, KYB, L&T, Puzzolana, Sany, Schwing Stetter, Syemco, Tata Hitachi, Ammann, Case, Doosan, Epiroc, Fiori, GNU, Hailstone, Hyundai, ITR, Liebherr, Propel, Rockcut, Walvoil, Wipro and Yuken India are all set to showcase their innovations. This is in addition to participation of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), component manufacturers, and various allied industry organisations. The Indian Construction Equipment Manufacturers' Association (ICEMA) plays a pivotal role as the sector partner for EXCON 2023, further underscoring the event's importance within the construction equipment industry. EXCON 2023 is not only a platform for industry leaders to display their latest developments and technologies, but also an opportunity for global networking, knowledge exchange and collaborations. The event is expected to serve as a catalyst for driving growth in the construction and engineering sector, not just in India, but on an international scale. Balkrishna Industries (BKT) “Our tires are a perfect fit for diverse applications.” - Ashok P Chhajer, Senior General Manager – OE Sales, (Domestic Market), Balkrishna Industries What can we expect from BKT at EXCON this year? We are committed to demonstrating our technological prowess and dedication to providing high-quality tires for the construction and infrastructure sectors. At EXCON this year, we plan to showcase our latest innovations, products and solutions in the tire industry. Visitors can expect to see how we are pushing the boundaries of tire technology to meet the evolving needs of the industry. Will your company be launching any products at Excon 2023 that align with its theme of “Building a Better World” through sustainable practices? BKT has been demonstrating its dedication towards sustainability through the development of eco-friendly tire solutions that reduce fuel consumption and environmental impact in various sectors. We plan to introduce products and initiatives that support sustainable practices, environmentally conscious tire designs and sustainable technologies for the construction and infrastructure sector. Your view of the Indian market for your products. India's diverse and expansive terrain, coupled with its rapidly-growing industries presents numerous opportunities for our off-highway tires. The Indian market showcases a burgeoning demand for high-quality off-highway tires, driven by factors like mechanisation in agriculture, urbanisation and extensive infrastructure development. BKT Tires is well-positioned to cater to this surging demand with its wide range of technologically advanced and durable tire solutions, meticulously designed to meet the specific requirements of diverse sectors. In India, we have established collaborative partnerships with OEMs and industry stakeholders, allowing us to fine-tune our products to match the specific and dynamic needs of the local market. This approach ensures that our products are tailored to effectively address the unique challenges and applications faced by Indian customers. Our customer-centric approach is at the core of our operations and we are dedicated to understanding and addressing the individual requirements of Indian customers. This commitment ensures that our tire solutions are a perfect fit for diverse applications and terrains in India. CASE Construction Equipment “We have begun transition to BS (CEV) V emission norms.” - Shalabh Chaturvedi, Managing Director, CASE Construction Equipment How is your company preparing for EXCON 2023? (e.g., product launches, marketing campaigns) We are gearing up for EXCON 2023 where will be showcasing an array of new products that exemplify our dedication to innovation and sustainability in the construction industry. Beyond these product launches, we have pioneering innovations in the pipeline, pushing the boundaries of possibilities. Our approach to the event involves not just showcasing our current achievements but also offering a glimpse into the future of construction equipment technology. Will your company be launching any products at EXCON 2023 that align with its theme of “Building a Better World” through sustainable practices? We have always offered smart and technologically advanced machines and this commitment extends to our participation at EXCON. At this event, we will be introducing innovative Made-in-India products that are offered in the domestic and global markets. With our new and upgraded products, we have begun the transition to the BS (CEV) V emission norms that are coming in next year. This not only resonates with EXCON's theme but also aligns with the recent government policies and initiatives. Our focus is not just on showcasing cutting-edge equipment but also on contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly construction industry. Your view of the Indian market for your products. We view the Indian market as one of the fastest-growing and rapidly evolving markets for our products, especially with initiatives like the ongoing Bharatmala Project and the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP). India's infrastructure development landscape is witnessing significant growth and this presents an excellent opportunity for Construction Equipment OEMs. Furthermore the forthcoming elections in 2024 are anticipated to place a strong emphasis on completing infrastructure projects within the timeline, aligning with the ongoing trend of heightened government expenditure in recent years. This increased focus on infrastructure development has proven advantageous for companies operating within the construction and engineering sectors. We are dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions that align with its unique requirements and evolving infrastructure needs. Filtrec Bharat “Our products are designed and developed in Italy.” How is your company preparing for Excon 2023? Our company has a WCM factory in Tumkur, which is 50 km away from the EXCON venue. We specialise in manufacturing a wide range of hydraulic filters and accessories for equipment including excavators, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, compactors, forklifts, all types of cranes, SLM, transit mixers and boom pumps. We have been in this industry for three decades. For EXCON-23, we are excited to introduce several new products designed for the aforementioned equipment segments. Notably, we will be launching hydraulic filter assembly kits for excavators and forklifts, FS531 filter assemblies for transit mixers, FRTR122 filter assemblies for cranes and FH323 filter assemblies for aerial work platform (AWP) equipment. These innovative products have been meticulously designed and developed at our R&D centre in Italy, manufactured at our Tumkur factory and rigorously tested in various OEM field conditions. We've established partnerships with numerous OEMs for their upcoming CEV 5 equipment in earthmoving, material handling, concrete and road paving sectors. Our offerings include: 1. Our Absolute BETA spark buster filter effectively prevents formation of ESD sludge and reduces noise in hydraulic systems. 2. Absolute BETA H20 filter eliminates oxidation and rust formation within the hydraulic circuit. 3. Our 2000 BETA ratio filter extends the filter change interval to over 1000 hours, preventing rapid ageing and degradation of hydraulic oil. This filter also ensures the longevity and proper functioning of hydraulic valves, cylinders and pumps, maintaining them in a condition similar to that of new equipment. Will your company launch any products at Excon 2023 that align with Excon's theme of “Building a Better World” through sustainable practices? We have over 200,000 filter part numbers that cater to the mobile and industrial hydraulic markets. These filters were conceived and launched with the tagline Building a Better World guiding our thoughts and actions. Each BETA filter we manufacture is engineered to extend the machine's lifespan by 20 per cent. This is achieved through technical improvements that increase oil change intervals, extend filter change periods and enhance the longevity of hydraulic valves, cylinders and pumps. Fleet owners who choose our filters will benefit from reduced downtime, increased machine utilisation and improved profitability. In line with ISO 4406 and NAS 1638 standards, our filters can achieve NAS Level 1 oil purity and possess a 2000 Beta ratio for 4-micron-sized particles. This means that our filters permit only one particle for every 2000 of its 4-micron size. For us, sustainable products translate to longer machine lifespans, extended intervals between hydraulic oil and filter changes, greater direct holding capacity, reduced pressure drops and enhanced filtration efficiency in filter media. Your view of the Indian market for your products. With the assistance of various government initiatives, such as the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP), Gati Shakti, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, Bharat Mala, Sagarmala, AtmaNirbhar Bharat and PLI schemes, India is expected to become the third-largest economy by FY 28. This signifies a positive outlook for the construction, mining, paving, handling and transportation sectors over the next four years. As Indian fleet owners and buyers are increasingly adopting latest technologies, the market for preventive maintenance products is currently experiencing significant improvement. L&T Construction & Mining Machinery “Our company has pioneered cutting-edge technologies.” - Arvind K Garg, Senior Vice President and Head, L&T Construction & Mining Machinery How is your company preparing for EXCON? The construction equipment industry is quite upbeat about the sector's growth prospects and emerging opportunities arising out of the Government's drive for infrastructure development through ambitious programmes like Gati Shakti and the National Infrastructure Pipeline. This year’s Budget and subsequent announcements on infrastructure investment have laid out a clear growth-oriented path for the construction industry as it emphasises capital expenditure and sustainable infrastructure development. These initiatives will expand the market for all stakeholders in the sector, including L&T Construction and Mining Machinery, which has always pioneered cutting-edge technologies revolutionising the industry over the years.v EXCON is a well-established and popular platform for the construction equipment industry to showcase newer technologies and latest equipment. It brings together corporates, large infrastructure firms, contractors, subcontractors, project construction professionals and retail customers to interact with original equipment producers and suppliers. The Indian construction equipment industry looks forward to every edition of EXCON to showcase its latest technologies, launch new products and gain insights into ever-changing customer preferences. Komatsu and L&T have been participating since inception and found it to be a valuable platform to showcase advanced machines. We will use EXCON as a platform to introduce new products and showcase our technological prowess. This year along with advanced construction equipment, we proudly present Komatsu HB 205, a cutting-edge hybrid model showcasing advanced capabilities. Do you have any specific suggestions for Excon organisers to enhance the exhibitor and visitor experience? Led by industry leaders who are part of EXCON’s Steering Committee, every edition of the exhibition has witnessed improvements in every aspect over the previous edition. This is because the Steering Committee continuously deliberates on ways to enhance the exhibition, the largest in South Asia for construction equipment, to improve the overall customer experience. Sany India and South Asia “We are at the forefront of technological innovation.” - Sanjay Saxena, COO, Sany India and South Asia. How is your company preparing for Excon 2023? We are thrilled to be part of Excon this year where we look forward to presenting our most recent innovations and reiterating our unwavering commitment in shaping the future of the construction equipment industry. Our focus centres on introducing state-of-the-art electric machines designed to meet the evolving demands of the market. These electric machines transcend boundaries and cater to a wide array of verticals within the construction and infrastructure sectors. From metro construction and road development to port operations and mining activities, extending to large-scale infrastructure projects, our electric machines are poised to create a substantial impact. Our presence at the event underscores our pledge to remain at the forefront of the construction equipment industry and actively contribute to its overall advancement. Will your company launch any products at Excon 2023 aligned with Excon’s theme of “Building a Better World” through sustainable practices? The company has been actively incorporating cutting-edge technologies into our machines to boost their efficiency, productivity and environmental sustainability. Technology is a key enabler in meeting the evolving market demands and we are at the forefront of innovation in this regard. In addition to technological advancements, our approach to achieving sustainability extends to our relationships with our customers. We value customer feedback and requirements and actively work with them to better understand their needs. One of the ways we facilitate this is by providing data access for every customer, enabling them to monitor machine performance in real-time.Through GPS-based connectivity, we proactively track routine maintenance needs, ensuring optimal machine performance and minimising downtime. This collaborative approach with our customers plays a pivotal role in our ongoing efforts to innovate our products and services, effectively adapting to the changing landscape of the construction equipment industry. Our participation is a showcase of our commitment to sustainable practices and also an opportunity to present our latest products and initiatives that reflect our dedication to Building a Better World through technological innovation, operational efficiency and customer collaboration. Your view of the Indian market for your products. The company views the Indian market as a highly promising and strategically significant one. The Indian market has showcased immense growth potential in recent years, driven by increased infrastructure development, urbanisation and the government's focus on initiatives like Make in India and Smart Cities. These factors have created robust demand for our wide range of construction and heavy equipment, making India one of our key global markets. Our commitment to India is reflected in our strong local presence with manufacturing facilities, a comprehensive dealer network and an exceptional service support system. We understand the unique requirements of the Indian market and have tailored our products to meet the specific needs of customers. The Indian market holds great promise for our products and remain dedicated to being a valuable partner in India's ongoing development and infrastructure building efforts. Wirtgen “Sustainability is essential in design, construction of all our group products.” - Ramesh Palagiri, Managing Director & CEO, Wirtgen India How is your company preparing for Excon 2023? This year, at Excon, we have an indoor booth wherein we will showcase the latest road and mineral technologies. Will your company launch any products or initiatives at Excon 2023 that will align with Excon’s theme of “Building a Better World” through sustainable practices? Sustainability is a firmly-rooted element in our corporate principles and a guideline for our day-to-day actions: The group understands sustainability is a social commitment and simultaneously an opportunity to further the success of our company and business activities of our customers. This is why the Wirtgen Group firmly anchors the topic of sustainability in all its corporate processes. Sustainability already plays an essential role in the design and construction of all our group products and is a key factor in all further phases of the value chain – up to and including the use of machines in projects around the world. Our vision: Smarter, safer and more sustainable road construction. Your view of the Indian market for your products. Both for the Wirtgen Group and Wirtgen India, the current year will be the best-ever for the group’s performance. We expect all-round growth both in India and exports and more products in FY 24 with our factory expansion in Pune, which should be completed by August next year.

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