The Glamour Rooms

The Glamour Rooms

Bathrooms are now being called relaxation rooms, rejuvenation sanctuaries and inspiration spaces – such is the level of thought that goes into their design. So, what’s trending? Trending designs “Nature-inspired elements and minimalist design are key trends,” says ...

Bathrooms are now being called relaxation rooms, rejuvenation sanctuaries and inspiration spaces – such is the level of thought that goes into their design. So, what’s trending? Trending designs “Nature-inspired elements and minimalist design are key trends,” says Sapna Aggarwal, Founder, ANSA Architecture & Interiors. “Incorporating nature into bathroom designs with stone and wood accents, lush plants and water features creates a serene ambience. Maximising natural light and choosing fixtures inspired by nature create a tranquil retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation.” “A minimalist bathroom design can be achieved with clean lines, neutral colours and clutter-free spaces,” she adds. “Sleek fixtures, such as wall-mounted sinks and minimalist faucets, maximise the visual space. Simple yet functional storage solutions and quality materials create a serene and uncluttered atmosphere.” “We’re seeing a move towards minimalist, spa-like aesthetics, the increased use of sustainable materials and the integration of smart technology,” says Milind Pai, Founder, Milind Pai Architects & Interior Designers. Smart technology can be integrated into bathrooms through ambient rain showers; some offer a variety of colour lighting options for different moods, others offer a waterfall effect with rainforest shower head, or different spray options, from regular showerheads to body sprays, explains Aggarwal. “Among younger generation customers, we’re seeing a noticeable preference for a fresh and contemporary aesthetic,” says Rohan Khatau, Director, CCI Projects. “To cater to this trend, we offer state-of-the-art sanitaryware that adheres to high-quality standards, ensuring a timeless appeal.” “From being sterile white boxes, bathrooms are becoming spaces that prioritise wellness and a bold personality,” adds Vinayak Chadha, Managing Director, The KariGhars. “Warm neutrals, natural materials like wood and stone and textured tiles are creating havens that feel earthy and inviting. Statement bathtubs, walk-in showers with spa-like features and smart fixtures that enhance accessibility and sustainability all feel desirable. Colourful sinks, playful wallpaper and unique lighting are popping up in powder rooms and master bathrooms.” Expanding portfolio Leading brands are keenly aware of “geographical nuances, current trends and consumer expectations and proactively response to changing climatic conditions through a fusion of cutting-edge designs and technology, including diversity and sustainable features,” says Madan Mistry, Head – EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction), Omkar Realtors & Developers. To cater to the demand for “an exotic, unique look and feel irrespective of the style”, to quote Pai, manufacturers have been compelled to reinvent their product lines. He cites smart toilets with integrated bidets and ambient lighting, and sustainable and water-efficient products as examples. Trends influence the choice of products and, to this end, Pai attests to a rise in demand for eco-friendly fixtures, high-tech bathroom appliances and versatile, space-saving designs. “Roca and Hindware are at the forefront of the progressive transformation within sanitaryware and fixture companies, introducing sleek and contemporary pieces like freestanding bathtubs and minimalist faucets,” says Chadha. “Jaquar’s smart technology incorporating touchless faucets and voice-activated showers caters to the needs of modern, hygiene-conscious bathrooms. Its value line extends to exceptional European brands such as Emco and Viega, renowned for their stunning designs and functionality.” Aggarwal lists some innovations: “Kohler has brought out a range of various bathroom fixtures, customisable shower systems with options for water pressure, temperature and spray patterns; Duravit offers sleek washbasins, toilets and other fixtures; Grohe offers stylish faucets with adjustable water flow and temperature control; and Hansgrohe offers bathroom faucets and shower systems featuring various modes, thermostatic temperature control, etc.” Developer’s perspective From a developer’s perspective, sanitaryware that is likely to suit the majority of buyers is a best fit. So, for CCI Projects’ Rivali Park project in Borivali, a neutral colour palette was chosen for the bathrooms. “Our choice was rooted in the understanding that when customers purchase a home, they typically embark on redesigning their bathrooms to align with the overall theme and design of their new living space,” explains Rohan Khatau, Director, CCI Projects. “A neutral colour scheme ensures versatility, effortlessly blending with a wide range of themes and designs.” “We’ve incorporated opulent, large-sized tiles to elevate the bathroom’s appearance,” he continues. “Additionally, we’ve adorned various elements, such as basin counters, ledges, and window jambs, with marble accents. A countertop basin bowl not only enhances aesthetics with a luxurious touch but also ensures easier maintenance, distinguishing itself from the now-outdated trend of under-counter basins.” “At Group Satellite Projects, we are aware of the need to design bathrooms that transcend aesthetics and prioritise functionality, durability and user needs and experience,” says Abhishek Jain, COO, Satellite Developers. “User experience is an outcome not only of aesthetics but also of efficient layouts, easy accessibility to fixtures even for people with disabilities or limited mobility, user-friendly and intuitive fixtures, and adequate lighting and ventilation,” he adds. “Durability necessitates the selection of resilient materials and fixtures. Sustainability must also be inbuilt into a bathroom through the use of low-flow toilets and faucets. All these features drive our selection of fixtures and sanitaryware.” Going global Worldwide trends that will step up soon in India include electric floor warming systems installed under ceramic tiles and stone floors to turn cold bathroom tiles luxuriously warm, says Aggarwal. “Steam-free mirrors achieved through electric bathroom mirror defoggers enhance the bath and shower experience. These simple, affordable steam-free systems may be installed behind any fixed mirror. Towel warmers are also becoming popular, especially energy-efficient, safe models.” “Japanese-inspired minimalism is expected to rule modern Indian bathrooms in the upcoming days, creating zen sanctuaries flooded with natural light, boasting soaking tubs, sleek wall-mounted fixtures and clean lines, prioritising both functionality and uncluttered beauty,” adds Chadha. “The future of wellness technology, featuring smart showers with voice-activated controls, chromotherapy lighting and integrated music systems, will take up the trend and deliver a spa-like experience at home. One must adapt these trends to suit Indian sensibilities, by using locally sourced materials, incorporating natural elements like plants and ensuring proper ventilation for humid climates.” That’s a lot to look forward to!

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