Top 10 interior trends to look out for in 2023

Top 10 interior trends to look out for in 2023

From hybrid workspaces to motion-sensing lights, terrazzo to viva magenta, design trends in 2023 are shaping up quickly. LIGHTING...

From hybrid workspaces to motion-sensing lights, terrazzo to viva magenta, design trends in 2023 are shaping up quickly. LIGHTING Rajkumar Kumawat, Founder & Partner, Design Square “With the advent of 2023, we will be seeing greater traction towards layered lighting that complements different functions and creates different moods in any interior. As chandeliers are already adorning every home, the popularity of statement light fixtures has also grown over the years, resulting in over-scaled pendant lighting and table lamps installed in living rooms and bedrooms. Indirect lighting sources such as integral LED ceiling lights are also taking hold in 2023. Besides being an energy-efficient choice, LED lights offer flexibility in creatively designing lighting fixtures that suit the appropriate interior styles.” FLOORING Khozema Chitalwala, Principal Architect and Designer, Designers Group “In 2023, neutral-coloured flooring is becoming a popular choice in luxury homes. As a result, marble flooring, which has been a staple in luxury homes, is going to stay on trend even in 2023. Apart from this, 2023 has opened up an era of engineered wood. The versatility of vinyl flooring makes it a winner in different spaces and for an even greater variety of needs. Vintage-inspired checkerboard and chevron patterns are also back in trend, creating a timeless statement in homes. Nature-inspired motifs in floor designs are expected to rule in 2023, lending a sense of sophistication to homes.” COLOUR Anil Badan, Founder and Principal Architect, Studio B Architects “With ‘Viva Magenta’ being declared as the Pantone colour of the year, 2023 is shaping up to be the year of warm, invigorating hues. One overarching theme will be maximalism, where there will be a significant shift from lighter, pared-back interiors to rich patterns and colour schemes. We can expect to see earthy tones, pink pastels, and more experimentation with dark accents and vibrant pops of colour. As earthy tones are getting back in trend, muted shades of terracotta, deep blues and greens, and beiges will be popular choices for wall paint, furniture, and home decor. Bold, rich hues such as brick red and ochre have also been explored in home interiors and are expected to have their moment in 2023.” Alpana Gupta, Partner, Vijay Gupta Architects “In the past couple of years, people have gravitated towards nature-inspired, earthy tones in terms of interior colour palettes. This is something I believe will continue into 2023 and beyond, not only because these colours are timeless but as the use of nature-inspired colours in interiors also imbues the space with a feeling of serenity and a sense of connection to nature. This connection to nature is something a lot of people have been seeking in their interiors these days. Earthy tones can act as suitable backdrops in a space, which paired with pops of colour make the whole room stand out and feel effortless.” MATERIALS Robin Sisodiya, Founder and Principal Architect, Asro Arcade India “Materials play a vital role in determining the visual aesthetics and style of any interior. In a post-pandemic world, we crave tactile materials to embellish our interiors. The health and well-being of end users are considered more significant than ever, which has resulted in increased use of natural and sustainable materials in 2023. Wooden textures have started dominating floors and walls, while material choices such as wool, rattan and bamboo are finding their way through furniture and decor. Humble materials such as lime plasters, exposed bricks and sustainable concretehold sway in home and office interiors, giving a sense of relaxed sophistication. Apart from all the trending materials, architects and designers are also experimenting with new materials as they strive to create sustainable designs, which has opened up possibilities for bio-materials and recycled materials to dictate our homes in the future.” BATHSPACES Nikita Bajaj Pathak, Founder, Design 21 “Fluted finishes in cabinets, mirrors, or any other bath space accessories, are going to be a big trend in 2023. While fluting adds depth and character, it also remains classic and understated, without overpowering the spatial aesthetics. With the increasing trend of spa-like bath spaces, backlit LED mirrors and mood lighting also seem to be a growing trend, as soft lighting enhances the experiential comfort of the spaces. Round mirrors have made a mark in bath spaces over the past years. However, in 2023, we will be seeing mirrors in unique forms and with intricate details. The use of terrazzo has been a major resurrection in recent years, owing to its chic pattern and unique texture. Besides bath spaces, there has been more significance placed on powder rooms in recent years. Tinypowder rooms are expected to make a huge impact with bespoke vanities and statement light fixtures in 2023.” George E Ramapuram, Principal and Director, Earthitects “Visiting the bathroom at night shouldn’t break one’s sleep cycle. To maintain that rhythm, occupancy-sensing lighting is integrated into bathroom architecture, as this illumination can be less disruptive than an abrupt change from darkness to full brightness. Lighting that gradually turns on with concealed sources can accentuate the forms of the furniture and cabinetry. Motion-sensing lights also allow for a seamless visual from daylight to artificial light.” FAUCETS Rohit Suraj, Founder and CEO, Urban Zen “Faucet finishes have begun to play a vital role in the design of bath spaces in recent times. Even the smallest feature can make your space stand out and one of those design features is the humble faucet. The brass finish and matte black continue to be popular options. Golden brass faucets magnify and add a vibrant feel to a bathroom’s space. In contrast, a black matte faucet is a timeless addition to the space, bringing in both luxury and extravagance. Faucets have also been refined and updated by technology. Touch-free, sensor-controlled and temperature and water pressure-adjusting faucets are the new norm.” WORKSPACES Rachna Agarwal, Founder and Design Ideator, Studio IAAD “Apart from hybrid, biophilic, sustainable and smart workspaces, neurodiverse offices will be in vogue in 2023. Neurodiversity is all about making the workspace more inclusive. Designers will be encouraged to create, design and adapt inclusive workspaces for neurodivergent people. Hence, design will be conducive to productivity and reiterate work as a collaborative, constantly in-process interaction. It will make way for spatial changes such as decompression booths/zones, sensory elements, activity-based working and ergonomic furniture.” KITCHENSBhuvan Kapila, Principal Architect, Workshop for Metropolitan Architecture “New design trends are pronounced, especially in kitchens, where tone on tone has supremely reigned over a decade. Bold materials, ornate details and dramatic colours are returning in kitchens. Quartz has become a fan-favourite material for kitchens, while exotic marble adorns backsplashes and statement-making islands. As technology continues to advance, the use of smart technology in the kitchen has evolved. This includes appliances connected to your Wi-Fi/smartphone, smart touchless faucets, voice-activated appliances and more. Smart kitchens are not just a luxurious choice; they help save energy, with most smart appliances being more energy-efficient than their traditional counterparts.”

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