What’s new in tiles, ceramics, sanitaryware?
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What’s new in tiles, ceramics, sanitaryware?

“Current ceramic tile trends include varied styles like graphic patterns, matte finish, neutrals and dimensional tiles,” says Ishvinder Kaur, Creative Director & Founder Principal, IV Partners. New-era designers use luxurious ornate bathroom fittings like smart sinks with water-saving sleek faucets, infrared controls for WCs, urinals, feature touch push knobs for low transmission noise, half-turn mixers, humidity and salt-resistant fixtures. “We use similar products in our projects.”

According to Jimmy Mistry, Chairman & Managing Director, Della, “Large tiles in large formats are trending in India. My entire line of vitrified tiles is manufactured with different companies who are manufacturing some of the finest machinery and technologies like SIS technology and imported glaze.”

Nitco—a Green Pro-certified company in the tile category—recently launched a range of artisan design hexagon tiles—wooden-finish plank tiles that can replace natural wood. Subrata Basu, Vice President-Design, Nitco, adds, “We have a range of large-slab sized tiles that replicate granite.” Further, the company has an exotic range of natural marble, mosaic and tiles as surfaces, all crafted in its state-of-the-art plants ensuring the best quality standards.

Asian Granito India (AGIL) recently ventured into the sanitaryware segment with 160 SKUs in products including washbasins, WCs and urinals. “We have adopted an ‘outsourcing model’ where we are sourcing from domestic markets and importing from Europe and China in the first phase,” explains Kamlesh Patel, Chairman and Managing Director, Asian Granito India. The company will set up its own manufacturing facilities in coming years. And apart from adding more designs in its existing tile range, it has launched MarbleX tiles of 1,200 × 1,800 mm. Akin to original Italian marble, Grestek MarbleX aims to create a style that is artistic yet natural.

Orientbell has recently launched the Valencica range, inspired by the design and architecture of the Spanish city. The tiles are printed using high-definition 400 dpi printers, the best in the industry. “Available in a standard size of 60 × 60 cm, the tiles are weather-resistant, with properties like low moisture expansion, thermal shock resistance and frost resistance, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications,” as shared by Alok Aggarwal, CMO, Orient Bell.


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