Here’s how accurate HVAC design saves money and energy
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Here’s how accurate HVAC design saves money and energy

A climate study can help design an appropriate HVAC system that saves money and energy, says Gaurav Kumar, Operations Head, MG Cooling Solutions. “Our client, a leading e-commerce company, had expected to need 80 tr of air-conditioning for a 16,000 sq ft warehouse, to ensure no spoilage to the stored goods over their shelf life and a constant 25° C temperature throughout the year,” he explains. “However, after a climate study, we proposed a system that would work in evaporative cooling mode when the weather was hot and dry and in air-conditioning mode during the monsoon. By reducing the need for air-conditioning to only 30 per cent of the year, we reduced the tonnage to 25 tr with no compromise on the desired temperature condition, thus achieving considerable savings.”

Why use magnetic bearing centrifugal compressors?
Of all the components of a chiller-based air conditioning system, the chiller consumes the most energy. The efficiency of such systems can be improved upon by the use of magnetic bearing centrifugal compressors, says Amitabha Sur, Director, Operations, Aircon India Incorporated. Magnetic bearing centrifugal compressors significantly reduce the energy consumed by the chiller during part load conditions from 0.6 kw per tonne to 0.35 kw per tonne, thereby increasing the overall COP (co-efficient of performance) of the system. Aircon India Incorporated recommended this technology for a new building of the National Institute of Biomedical Genomics at Kalyani in West Bengal.


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